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│Products by Resin Type│

We are offering the following polyolefins produced from Korean manufacturers to all over the world.  These products include natural resins and compounded resins, and are produced in the state-of–the-art process.

  • Polyethylene

    There are three types of resins by density, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE. Among these products, LLDPE includes the Higher Alpha-Olefin resins and POP/POE(Plastomer/Elastomer) produced in the metallocene process, and HDPE has various specialty grades including HMWPE.

  • Polypropylene

    It is classified by molecular structure, Homopolymer, Impact Copolymer, and Random Co(Ter)-polymer. In these days most of manufacturers are aiming the selective grades for general purpose to secure cost competitiveness and the respective producers are building up their own domain.

  • EVA (Ethylene Vinyl-Acetate Monomer)

    There are various spectrum of the broducts by VA contents, and we have enormous supply pool of this product.

  • TPV (Thermo-Plastic Vulcanization)

    This is a dynamically cured thermoplastic elastomer(TPE) made of PP and EPDA which provides an excellent combination of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties expected of conventional thermoset rubber.

  • PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

    It is available for two types of PVC by production process. One is ‘Straight Resin’ which is just produced in common process including homo/co/ter-polymers. The other one is ‘Paste Resin’ which is used as an ingredient for a wide range of processed goods.

  • PS/EPS (polystyrene/Expandable Polystyrene)

    There are several types of products including GPPS, HIPS, High Performance PS, PS Compounds, EPS, and Energy Saving EPS.

  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Dien Monomer)

    This is a high value-added synthetic rubber that possesses outstanding resistance to foul weather, heat and corrosive ozone so that mainly used in automotive components.

  • Etc.

│Products by Application│

Most of resin manufacturers we have the strong connections have their own products on the first class grades in the world, and the superiority of product quality is being recognized by the customers keeping a long term business relationship with us as a reliable business partner.

The products by application we are handling are as follows.

  • For Film

    With excellent process ability, optical property, and softness it is converted to the thin film, and is being used in almost of all industries for a variety of application such as packaging, agricultural, home appliances, etc. The specialty grades among the products we are handing include Flexible Packaging for food, Biodegrables, Matt, Laminate Tube for Toothpaste, etc.

  • For film

  • For Pipe

    There are available for two grades made of PE materials, XLPE, PERT. As XLPE has the structural characteristics of ‘cross-linked’, so is used for heating in floor, cable jacketing in low voltages, and aluminum composite pipes. And there are also another materials available like PPR in PP, and PVC.

    For Pipe

  • For Wire & Cable

    It is used for telecommunication cable jacketing with LDPE and EVA, and for power cable insulation in high voltage with PVC materials

  • For Wire & Cable

  • for Injection Molding

    With this application it is used in a variety of industry like for automotive parts, electric and home appliances. Among them the grades for caps & closures was developed in PP homopolymer, and besides that there are so many grades available for automotive parts like battery case.

  • For Injection Molding

    For Injection Molding

  • For Blow Molding

    Various liquid containers typically used in daily life are available with this application as well as the fuel tank in automotive industry. There are also so many grades developed in liquid containers like gas/chemical barrier resins for multi-layer bottles.

    For Blow Molding

  • For Fiber

    The polypropylene for fibers shows excellence for fiber molding with its narrow molecular weight distribution. Its superb rigidity and elongation characteristics allow it to be used in various ways such as belt yarn, rope, wig yarn, staple fiber, diaper, sanitation pad, agricultural non-woven fabric, etc.

    For Fiber

  • Adhesive Polymer

    This is a modified polyolefins with functional group to bond firmly to common polyolefins, polyamides, EVOH, wood and metals. This resin adheres strongly to gas-barrier resins and metals by thermal action and finds broad applications in the co-extruded bottle, tubes, sheet and film, steel pipe lining and metal powder coating

    Adhesive PolymerAdhesive Polymer

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